⚠️ @nuxtjs/ionic is currently a work in progress. ⚠️

@nuxtjs/ionic provides a batteries-included, zero-config needed, Ionic integration for Nuxt.

Supercharge your Ionic apps with the power of Nuxt, giving you the tremendous development experience you're used to when using Nuxt for web.

Follow the installation guide to get going immediately, or continue reading to find out more about what this module provides.

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What is Ionic?

The Ionic SDK is an open-source UI toolkit for building modern, cross-platform mobile apps from a single codebase. It deeply integrates with Vue for a delightful mobile dev experience.

Read the Ionic documentation for Vue to learn more about Vue development with Ionic.


This module attempts to get you going with Nuxt + Ionic quickly, providing sane defaults for ionic and helpful components and utilities. The configuration file can still customize and override its default behaviors and provide full customisation of ionic.

  • Ionic router integration: continue defining routes based on the structure of your ~/pages directory and using page-level utilities such as definePageMeta().
  • Auto-imports: Ionic components, composables and icons are all auto-imported for ease of use.
  • Helpful components and utilities: This module provides components and utilities to accomplish common tasks more easily.
  • Pre-render routes
  • Mobile meta tags
  • Capacitor integration: works out-of-the-box with Capacitor for shipping to native platforms like iOS and Android.
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Our cookbook documentation provides common use-cases with code examples to get you going as fast as possible. And if you create something useful, come back and submit a PR to have it added to our cookbook.

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